Disability Layers

Under existing law, defined in Section 177 of the criminal code (in German), victims ought to have protected themselves for an act to make up rape. Just stating "no" is not sufficient to find the offender guilty, and there is no attempt to specify exactly what constitutes authorization.

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26 JulNorth Carolina Guv, Opposition Clash Over LGBT Law

North Carolina’s law limiting securities for LGBT people took center stage Friday in the state’s very first gubernatorial debate in between the incumbent who signed the law and his opposition who wants to reverse it. You can find more information on this site. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Democratic challenger Roy Cooper made clear their […]

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26 JulFederal Court Hears Long Overdue Arguments Over 2008 Monitoring Law

MORE THAN SEVEN YEARS after President George W. Bush signed a law licensing warrantless monitoring of international interactions, a federal appellate court heard arguments challenging the 2008 law for the first time. Congressed passed the FISA Amendments Act in the wake of discoveries that the Bush administration was wiretapping all Americans multinational communications. Instead of […]

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26 JulGermany rape law: Will ‘No’ imply ‘No’?

Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, is expected to pass a brand-new law broadening the legal definition of exactly what makes up rape – commonly referred to as the “No” indicates “No” statute. Critics think Germany has long dragged other industrialized countries when it comes to its rape laws, however will this repair the […]

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